March 31, 2010

it's always you

I dunno where I should start this writing. There are just too many things in my mind that I wanna share to you all. It's like hundreds of people talking at the same time in your mind and forced to be listened first. After a long selection process, well, maybe I'm gonna tell you about this first.
Love. Again and again. (Oh, please. Don't be bored to read it. I beg you ;p )

You are (still) the coolest guy I ever met.

You don't need your lover to spend your time. You used to be alone and do everything you like by yourself. You enjoy it.
You don't mind if your lover can't reach you by phone or text for a long long time.
You think, as long as she's in a safe place, no reason for you to reach her and asking her "How are you, my dear? Are you okay?"
Just like there is no worry.

You can't say things in a romantic way. You can't beg and ask your lover persuasively.
You just say what you wanna say directly, no negotiations, and no romantic expressions.
You used to "leave" by signing off from Skype and not replying your lover's text message every time you feel angry with her.
And just now... You are a jealousy person.
You make your lover feel terrible every time you prise about your lover's ex, whereas she never prise about it first.

But why your lover choose to not leaving you?
What's so special about you?
Why you can make her so much in love with you?
What makes her survive?
Why she was never be able to angry with you right in front of your face?

It's just a simple answer that...
She loves you, she always waiting for your concern,

March 18, 2010

it only describes about you.

At first I know you, you're different.
Different from any guys that I know.
You are not that type person who likes spending much time with me.
You prefer to do your daily activities than spending your time to chit chat with me.

At that time, I didn't think you like me.
You're just too cool.
Not like to think about others than yourself.

But now and then, i hope..
You're mine. I'm yours.
But you're still different from any guys that I know.
You're just unique.

You're not that kind of person who likes to publish our romance.
In fact, you are not a romantic person.
You're not that type of person who likes to see your girlfriend everyday.
You enjoy your fave football match much more than me.

But you...
How can you make me smile and laugh every time I meet you?
How can you make me feel comfort every time I near you?
How can you make me feel sad at the beginning but enjoy in the end, every time we have to wait for such a long time for our next meeting?
How can you make my mother likes you?
How can you always make me think about you and not even forget you for just about 30 minutes?

Those questions, I never be able to find the answers.
But those questions, I BELIEVE, make me LOVE YOU MORE.

March 11, 2010

Pamer Foto ahh! :D

Postingan kali ini..
Cuma mau pamer foto. Entah kenapa, suka aja sama foto-foto hasil jepretan adek sepupu gue yang paling manis, Nikita, ini. Cekidot gan! Hehe..

Gue,Gue,Gue lagi.

Nah, kalo kali ini, foto-foto jepretan temen gue, Fufun, dari kamera LOMO nya. Pada tau kan Lomography??


Kalo ada foto-foto yang menurut gue OKE lagi, gue pamer lagi yaaa :P

March 4, 2010

rasanya ga enak aja.

Perasaan gue belakangan ini lagi labil kayak anak ABG. Malesin banget deh. Gue juga ga tau kenapa ni mood gampang banget naek tapi kalo udah turun, jatooohh banget sampe bete sama semuanya. Gue lagi sering banget ngerasa 'kosong' padahal dari luar nya gue ketawa-ketawa cekikian, tapi pas udah sendirian dan diem lagi, gue udah kayak ga ada semangat. Hampa aja gitu. Kayanya semua kesenangan yang gue lakuin, cepet banget ilangnya, tanpa bekas.

Gue lagi sering banget ngerasa kesepian di liburan yang kelamaan ini, yang membuat gue stres. Gue ga tau apa yang salah di diri gue. Sekalinya ada yang nemenin gue, entah temen-temen gue yang super duper rame, atau pacar gue yang seenggaknya nemenin gue sekali seminggu aja, gue pasti seneng banget. Euphoria gue berlebihan. Senengnya minta ampun.
Tapi, sekalinya tu orang-orang udah pada ninggalin gue... zzzzziiinngg.. mulai lagi deh, kayanya waktu berjalan lamaaa banget! Dan gue pun bete lagi.. Ampun deh.. gue ga tau apa yang salah dengan diri gue.

Ahh, harusnya masa-masa kaya gini udah lewat di umur gue yang 19 tahun ini. Huhh..kenapa sekarang malah balik lagi kayak anak SMA?? mau gini terus, tapi gue ga tau lagi apa yang mesti gue lakuin supaya gue ga labil gini.